Permits and Code Enforcement

The Permits and Code Enforcement Department performs many functions related to building construction and enforcing compliance with city ordinances.  These functions include, 

Commercial Construction Reviews

All new construction, additions, and renovations require submission to the department. This submittal consists of two sets of construction documents (plans and specifications).

Residential Construction Reviews

All new dwellings, additions, decks, garages, and pools require submission to the department. These submittals consist of a plot plan (shows house, lot, dimensions, and easement) and construction plans (foundation, floor plan, and cross-section).

Signage Reviews

Installation of all new signs must comply with City of Prospect Ordinance Chapter 157: Sign Regulations and Standards. This ordinance sets forth standards relating to the construction, erection, maintenance, size, style, and safety-related features of signs within city limits.

Issuance of City Permits

Receive permit applications and fees for various city permits required for construction projects.

Investigate Violations of City Ordinances

The city code enforcement officer refers to the Prospect City Ordinance Title XV: Land Usage when responding to complaints involving property maintenance and health issues. When a complaint is received an inspector will respond to the location and determine if a violation exists. When a violation is found the inspector will work with the responsible party to abate the violation.   


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Mike Thomas (502) 228-1121